Dry Skin

Foto: Dave Mante

Coming from the depths of melancholia and depression to the highs of love, this synth-pop-new-wave-four-piece from Dresden, Germany, is releasing their first single „Again and Again“.

Driven by the sheer love for lo-fi 80s synth-music and stripped down Nowave and Neue Deutsche Welle song structures, DRY SKIN digs for simplicity. Thematically head of the band Robert E. Smith is reflecting his environment of a hyper-capitalist world facing the backlash of the countries it exploited for decades, ridiculous real estate markets, neo-fascist groups, people looking for a better future, and the individual within all this trying to find peace and love for their own little bubble.

Members of the band:

Simon Herzog (drums), Bernd van den Broedericken (synth and guitar), John Köhler (synth and bass), Robert E. Smith (guitar, synths and vocals)